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Great Roads,Weather & Ice Cream! Whats not to like?

If you visited us during the past 22 years Iam preaching to the converted, if not read on!
I describe the Ardennes area of Belgium as the Southern Ireland of central Europe, anyone who has experienced the 'craic' will know what I mean. The pace of life is very laid back and no-one takes things too seriously, there is a genuine warmth in a greeting and seldom is something too much trouble. Obviously whilst it goes without saying that we take all measures to organise the weather if you cannot tear yourself away from the weather app and the thought of carrying a wet weather suit fills you dread maybe this is not for you! Please use the link for  a profile and overview of us and our surroundings. Listed below are more 'Moulin du Ruy-sons' to spend time with Ann and I at Ardenne & Eifel Aventures.




Moulin du Ruy nestles in the Roanne valley over looked by the Mont de Brumes. The World famous Spa Francorchamps race track is 10 minutes away and there is racing there nearly every weekend throughout the season, use the link to access their calender.

The town which gave its name to 'Spa's' and was the first word in chic in the late 19th century is also a short journey. A new multi million euro hot water Thermes and Spa were opened in Spa in 2004  so you had best bring your cossie to Belgium!

The nearby town of Stavelot has a real cafe atmosphere and beautiful abbey complex which houses museums to both the history of the area and the motorsport heritage.

One of the last great battles of WW2 was the Battle of the Ardennes otherwise known as the 'Battle of the Bulge' and immortalised in the story 'Band of Brothers'. We are surrounded by reminders, memorials, battle scarred tanks etc and have a good selection of local museums dedicated to the conflict and senseless loss of life both civilian and military, use link to check out the notable museums and sites local to us. 

If you are interested to see the memorials and sites which are nearby  our home  and also some video of a group of enthusiasts on WW2 german motorcycle oufits in the Snow of February 2013 please use the attached link 

We have a  limited number of bicycles available to borrow for exploring the backroads and trails locally and the area is a centre for all forms of outdoor adventure sports and with a little warning we can organise any number of new ways to amuse yourself!

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ESCORTED TRIPS TO THE NURBURGRING "if conditions are right & traffic is light"
As mentioned on Page one we offer all guests the chance to ride out and experience  the Nordscleife in the company of Neil, and if its sunny Ann!  

In the past 10 years the level of traffic at the Ring has increased dramaticaly, especially the number of cars on track, making motorcycle lapping a sometimes difficult and dangerous experience and in the event of a wet track  a near impossibility in public traffic. I always reccomend trying to avoid riding with guests at weekends as they are very busy but a trip to see and experience the atmosphere and the surrounding roads should be on everybodys 'must do' list!  All escorted riding is provided for free, all I ask is that you pay the cost of any laps I ride in your company at the track.  My prefered times are weekday, half days and evenings. Obviously some visitors will prefer to visit  at weekends, Iam happy to accomodate them and we can liase before hand to arrange appropriate dates but please be aware that due to the incredible amount of traffic at the track I will exercise discretion regarding tracktime if its looking way too aggressive in public traffic! 

SUPER IMPORTANT. There is a real concern about UK insurance companies providing adequate cover at the Nordschleife during public traffic, if your policy states NOT COVERED then the only advice is to stay off, if you ring to check and are told no way then again it the same advice, a fun day out could turn into a very nasty experience and its not worth the risk.

 Anyway the Roads to and from and around the area are to be honest, as good as being out on the track and you don't have to pay a toll!
Forget all the bollocks you will see printed and broadcast(Nice one Top Gear!)about 'BTG' Bridge to Gantry timing etc, we use 'BGOF' Biggest Grin on Face! Thats important.
Warning. Its addictive!


Universally acclaimed as the greatest circuit still in regular use today, from April through to Nov there is an event almost every weekend, with the premier event being the Formula one race.
I take great pleasure in showing visitors around this catherdral of motorsport whenever possible including tracing out the original 8 1/2 mile circuit. Use the Spa Francorchamps link  to check out the circuit

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